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DNC Will Not Support Progressive Agenda


Written by Ted Reynolds

Sunday, 27 May 2012 08:32

I, and perhaps many of you, have just received a communication from the Democratic National Committee. I am informed that I am “among a select group of Democrats who are receiving this official 2012 Presidential Election Year Survey.” Although I’m not a Democrat, I looked through the survey with interest, in an attempt to ascertain what the Democratic National Committee thinks are the questions on the minds of the Democratic rank and file. The most interesting portion was that in which I was asked to “rank the following national interests by their level of priority.” They were Creating Jobs, Improving America’s Economic Situation, Regulating Financial Institutions and Markets, Lowering Unemployment, Dealing with Iran, Protecting health care reform (lack of capitals in the original), Fighting Terrorism, War in Afghanistan, America’s Image in the World Community, Protecting Social Security and Medicare, Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Immigration, Improving Education, Energy Independence, Civil Rights, LGBT Rights, Gas Prices. Well, that seems pretty comprehensive, doesn’t it? Of course, they don’t give you a chance to differentiate between “Dealing with Iran” by negotiation or invasion, whether “Immigration” should be encouraged or reversed, whether “Energy Independence” means more off-shore drilling or alternative energy sources, whether “War in Afghanistan” means ending it quickly or drawing it out longer . . . exactly the questions one would think they’d want to know their voters’ opinions on. No, they want you to list the order in which you are worried about these matters; they will decide what to do about them. But there’s a more unpleasant point to be brought out. Given this list of 17 national interests, we can expect that if an area is not on this list, the Democratic National Committee just doesn’t want it prioritized at all. They don’t think it reasonable or desirable enough even to bring it to our attention. Otherwise, they could have expanded the 17 areas to 24. So what things have the Democratic National Committee left off their list of “national interests” that they might be ready to deal with or support during this election campaign? Well, for starters, they don’t have a single thing about getting the money out of politics. They don’t mention anything about investigating or indicting Wall Street malefactors . . . or torturers. They aren’t interested in ending unsanctioned wars and U. S. military encroachments around the world. Decreasing the American military and its expenditures is not on their agenda. The Patriot Act is not to be put on the table. Supporting unions isn’t something they’re plugging. Climate change is not even on their horizon. And somehow even taxing the super-rich has dropped out of their range of possible discussion. To sum up, a Democratic victory at the polls would certainly be much better in many ways than a Republican one, but the Democratic hierarchy has no intention of even trying to deliver on any of those eminently progressive demands above. Progressives won’t be able to relax on any of these. We must fight for these demands, against both party machines, right up to November 6th, vote for Democrat, Green, or Progressive across the board, and the next day continue the fight against the establishment, even if it remains Democratic.

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